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Season two, the orange islands, this was a weird one, the only one that wasn’t in the games at all. Despite that I liked it a lot, some of the gyms were a bit weird but they worked out to be pretty cool, they showed the first double battle before that was even a thing in the games, they had a battle that was only same type so type advantages meant nothing it was only strength within breed really, and that was a fun twist on things. There was a bit higher percentage of the episodes that didn’t really further the story, in the first series most of the episodes introduced recurring characters, caught pokemon, evolved pokemon, or were part of a gym battle, but there were a few more that didn’t really do anything in this series, that’s alright though because for the most part they fed the Orange Islands character and gave it more of a background, so things were good overall. Something about this season that can’t go unmentioned, Ash caught a fucking snorlax, which is baller as shit, snorlax is the man as far powerful non-legendary first gen pokemon, you’ve also got to remember this is within the show’s canon not the games, so forget about making any arguments about the metagame, snorlax was a godsend for Ash. This season had a spectacular league battle, it was a single six on six match with the Orange Islands champ, who had a dragonite at the end of his lineup, it was a two episode battle barely interrupted by team rocket at all, it was a hell of a good time, and this pushed it up above any of the seasons without league battles, this is my fourth favorite season out of the nine I’ve seen.

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So I watched a bunch of pokemon, and by that I mean I watched a buuuunch of pokemon, I saw all the way through the end of Advanced Generation in less than two weeks. The Original Series had some good things going for it, a bit of filler here and there, Team rocket didn’t feel like they were too ineffectual for the first while. A few of the gyms were pretty good storylines, I liked Surge’s gym and Sabrina’s gym in particular, although Koga and Erika were fairly weak in both story and battle. I was disappointed with the way Ash lost at the league, they made it feel like he would have beaten Richie if he hadn’t been worn out at that point, other than that the league was pretty cool. The Original Series set the tone for the rest of it and I think it did a good job, it also had a memorable movie Mewtwo Strikes Back which was even better with the added few minutes at the start that were cut from the final version.

Out of the nine seasons I’ve seen so far I’ll say this one is the second best, the classic charm rockets it up to one of the good slots, it’s only real contender for this slot is Advanced Battle because all the seasons with tournaments are pretty great.

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My Anime List

So real quick, if anyone reads this and has a My Anime List account that they’re interested in sharing, I’d like to see what you like and watch what you think is good, such that I might see new good things that I might not otherwise have seen.

Now you’re able to see all the things I’ve completed, I’ve seen other anime, but those are the things I’ve seen all the way through and gave a score to.

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Okay so I know no one cares

But I moved five hundred miles without really telling most people I know, just went for it, I’m near my homeland once again, just two hours and a border check and I would be back to where I was born, chose to stick to the country I’m in though, at least until I’ve got money. Point being through all the moving and living in a car and not spending any money I haven’t posted here at all, but I have managed to watch a lot of anime anyway, so hopefully I’ll rock out and post some shit about the things I’ve seen.

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.Hack Sign

So like I said before this is the first time I was actually watching all the way through the series, I had always lost steam between episodes eight and eleven before, but watching it again this time I actually got to the good parts, episode fourteen and onward. Don’t get me wrong, slow character building is fine, but the overall mood Tsukasa has of not really wanting to do anything or talk to anyone is a little bit infectious, and I end up feeling burnt out of the series. I’m the kind of guy who really gets into a show and if it’s good then whatever the mood they’re trying to set is it sort of settles into me.

The music for this show is amazing, Yuki Kajiura gave them a big selection of music to work with, and they reuse songs and just shove in a fragment of a song as much as they need to. The artwork was great as well, a lot of varied environments like you would expect from a fantasy game, and it had a lot of cool takes on the staples of the general themes, it probably wouldn’t look as original now as it did when it came out because it did its job very well and a lot of future works took bits and pieces of the style. I’ll probably throw up some pictures of different environments instead of trying to describe them.

The story is really slow, they probably could have told this story a lot faster than they did without really losing much. It focuses on the mysteries surrounding the current changes in The World, an MMORPG that uses sort of VR goggles for display and has very expressive character sprites, to the point where almost the entire show takes place in the game and they move and talk just as they would in real life, with the exception of when they step away from their terminal and the character goes completely motionless.

I am going to say something before we get too far, people take this game really seriously. If someone told me the phrase “the internet is serious business” was initially a joke at the expense of this series I would believe them. It makes more sense later when there are actual people at risk because of the things happening in the game since Tsukasa can’t log out and such, but really, before that point people like the Silver Knight were just so invested in the game just because, like it was a life and death matter when it really just wasn’t. They do address this in the series, but by the time people start saying why do you care so much it’s just a game, then shit has already gotten real and it’s no longer a game.

I really like the cast, Tsukasa is the main character but even though everything sort of revolves around him a lot of the time it will just follow other characters, even for whole episodes, and I like that. Tsukasa starts out pretty misanthropic and having that teenager attitude you see a lot where they hate adults for vague and mostly unspecified reasons that usually apply just as much to kids as they do adults, this time it’s that adults are all selfish. In my experience adults usually aren’t as selfish as children and what Tsukasa means is I’ve known some selfish people and don’t trust anyone anymore. This leads to long periods of time where he won’t go anywhere or contact anyone, so that’s why everyone else gets a good amount of screen time, so things work out for the best. You know what, I’m realizing as I think about writing this next part that it’s probably just easier to do what I did for Gundam Wing and just throw up a picture of the character and talk about them, yeah that’s what I’ll do, the lazy route, cause no one is reading this anyway.

Overall I would say, if you’re fine with a slow unfolding plot, and you want to watch these characters hang around you should watch this show. I liked it a lot cause I’m cool with that sort of thing. On the other hand if you want a better written plot, or you want a bunch of cool fights, or if you get bored easily, I would not watch this anime. Although if you’ve read this far you’d probably be fine with weird meandering shows like this one.

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Sorry for the slow release.

Okay so it took me a while to get back on here to make another post because let’s be real, peppermint schnapps are the greatest invention in the history of the world, they gave me the idea for this blog in the first place. Also my favorite band Born Ruffians has a new album out that I’m just now listening to.

But I finished .Hack Sign so I’ll make a post about that at least, I saw a bunch of live action movies, and I started my next foray into the gundam alternate timelines. I’m watching After War Gundam X, and I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about that one. At some point I’ll be done with all the alt timelines and I’ll start on the Universal Century. Future Century was, you know, retarded, but it was a lot of fun cause G GUNDAM RWAAAAAAHH!

After Colony was pretty good, I guess one of the things about Gundam Wing though, is that the characters change sides and motivations and dispositions so much that I don’t really latch onto any of them, and I don’t feel particular tension during any of the battles except the last one because up to then anyone on any side could be with you or against you the next day so who really cares who wins… Basically the ideology behind actions matters, but who does what and the outcomes aren’t really important, because everything continually amounts to nothing, and it’s wearing if you watch all of it at once. The thing is has going for it more than anything else is the narrator “The year is After Colony One Nine Five”

I also watched all of Toradora! which I don’t know if I’ll have a post about right away, I liked it quite a lot, but it made me think of how I felt as an actual teenager, so for about twenty percent of it I kind of just felt depressed and awkward feeling like nothing was going to work out for anyone. Well I feel a lot more stable and okay with things now, but goddamn, growing up is hard and no one understands.

Time to start an actual anime post.

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All this Skin showing and Body paint everywhere, shouldn’t armor cover your vitals? Maybe I don’t understand how fighting monsters with swords and stuff works.

Whenever they talk about Lady Subaru I hear it as the car brand.

Do other people watch in english but leave the subs on? The english voice acting is pretty good, but there are some funny translation differences, like when he says out loud “my guardian” and the subs say “This child” it’s just a bit odd.

People scream when they get hit like they’re getting hurt for real, but I was under the impression Tsukasa was the only one who could feel pain in the world. Probably just another case of people taking the game super seriously.

Crim is great, super outgoing and completely out of the loop.

There are a shit ton of crimson knights, all these guys just playing cops in a video game.

It’s bizarre when I hear this music going along with the actual show, I used to listen to specific playlists of it when I would play Crystal Chronicles.

Does anyone else drink smart sense cola? I’m drinking a coke right now but I wish I had a smart sense…

OH! Subaru put the verbal smack on Crim!

Man, I had so much to say when watching G Gundam, but this time I’m just sort of idly watching, maybe I should drink next time I turn the show on.

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Also I’m really loving Sora and all his antics.

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This “guardian” thing made a noise just like a whale and I started laughing.

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.Hack Sign

So I’ll start by saying I’ve been listening to the music from this show for years and years. When I was younger I watched some of the show, but I always lost seam at some point and never sat the entire series. I also love the general visual style of this show, and I think it works very well with the music Yuki Kajiura wrote. So basically I’m somewhat familiar with this all but I don’t actually know what’s going to happen.

Okay so these people take this game really seriously. There are people who all they do in the game is be security guards for things, like as a pass time. And the way they talk about things in the game, I mean, I know weird shit is happening so it’s affecting people in real life, but barring that it’s just an RPG and they don’t even know about the players getting effected yet.

I was talking to my brother and he said it would be funny if instead of the people having total articulation they just stood there perfectly still with text bubbles over their heads or with the mouth moving but not matching up to voice chat. They’re controlling their characters with mouse and keyboard after all aren’t they?